Telegram Bot

This bot allows you to receive, store and send pandacoins on Telegram.

💰 Get started

Create a deposit address or ask a friend to send you some pandas.

Use /deposit or /address in private to know your own address on the bot.

Then you can send funds to that address the same way as you usually transfer funds with your PandaBank.

Use /balance in private to know how much Pandacoin you have got in your account.

💁 Tipping

Once you have some pandas, share them with your friends. Use /tip <user> <amount> Make sure to correctly tag your the person you are tipping.

ℹ You can tip multiple users at the same time, as long as the number of tagged users matches the number of provided amounts.


/tip user1 amount1

ℹ You can specify amount before tagging the user. And in a multi-tip, you can be free to specify amount wherever you want, as long as the amounts and users match.


/tip amount1 user1

Feature is coming later.

🌐 Withdrawal

Need to withdraw to your PandaBank?

Use /withdraw <address> <amount>

Please double check your address before submitting, as we cannot undo that process.

ℹ You can provide the amount before the address.

Example: /withdraw amount address

⁉ Troubleshooting

Changing account

Your pandacoins are tied to your @username or, if you have none, to your Telegram unique UserID. Please, be aware that if you change your @username, you lose access to your previously stored pandacoins.

In this case, you can:

  1. With your new @username, ask the bot for a deposit address;

  2. Switch to your old @username, withdraw your funds to your new deposit address;

  3. Switch back to your new @username and check that your pandacoins have been correctly transfered.

Losing @username

Your pandacoins are tied to your @username if you have one. In case you change your @username, we advice to transfer your pandacoins. If you lose your @username to another user (in case you change it and some other user sets his @username to your old @username), he will have complete access to your previous account on PandaTip.

You may contact admins in case you can prove precedent ownership of the @username; in this particular case, admins will return the fund if and only if the new user accepts to give them back. Be warned.

Losing Telegram account

In case you delete your Telegram account and you've had a @username, you can create a new Telegram account with the same @username and have access to your funds. If another user takes over your @username, he will have full access to your account on PandaTip.

In case you delete your Telegram account and you've had no @username (which means that your PandaTip account was tied to your UserID), you lose access to that account with no possible recovery (unless you can prove ownership of the old UserID to the bot's admins).

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