Wildlife donations

On a future date to be determined by Pandacoin development team the funds raised here will be donated to each respective organization.
This charitable fund is being set up to attempt a positive charitable action reflective of the spirit of Pandacoin and it’s community. A Stake mining PandaBank and Addresses have been created and all Pandacoin donated will be sold (hopefully at higher prices than we see today) and the proceeds will be donated accordingly.
Too many coins as of late have concerned themselves with the short-term prospect of pump-and-dump schemes and have neglected to consider the long-term value that cryptocurrencies can have to effect change, progress, and prosperity in the real world. Pandacoin (PND) is different. We have patience, integrity in development, and a strong commitment to fairness in the cryptocurrency community.
We will add some additional deserving organizations soon, so you can distribute your donations however you wish, and please take the time to learn more about each organization and how you can help in other ways by visiting each organization’s donation page.
How will the funds be donated?
We will work directly with each organization as the donation date approaches and the funds will be distributed in a manner that best accommodates them.
Who is maintaining the donation wallets?
Jommy99 John Moore, trusted Pandacoin community member will be running an active PandaBank for Stake mining all contributions and will make them available or purchase them for making the contributions When the Pandacoin development team agrees on a good future date.