Export and Import android wallet

  1. Backup keys on the old legacy wallet.

  2. Transfer backup to desktop.

  3. Install openssl

  4. Decrypt your backup

    • You can ignore the warning *** WARNING : deprecated key derivation used. Using -iter or -pbkdf2 would be better.

    • On Windows openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -a -md md5 -in "C:\path\to\pandacoin-wallet-keys-2021-04-02" -out "C:\path\to\decrypted-pandacoin-wallet"

  • On Ubuntu / Debian openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -a -md md5 -in /path/to/pandacoin-wallet-keys-2021-04-02 -out /path/to/decrypted-pandacoin-wallet

  • Enter your password

  1. Install and launch desktop client https://gitlab.com/pandacoin/pandacoin/-/releases

  2. Open Debug window

  3. Click Console

  4. Enter the following:

    • On Windows importwallet "C:\path\to\decrypted-pandacoin-wallet"

    • On Ubuntu / Debian importwallet "/path/to/decrypted-pandacoin-wallet"

After successful import, make sure to delete the decrypted file again. It is in plaintext and could be opened by anyone that has access to your computer.

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