Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Pandacoin? A: Pandacoin is a cryptocurrency that aims to encourage the spending and use of the currency across the internet, reaching a worldwide demographic.

Q: What sets Pandacoin apart from other cryptocurrencies? A: Pandacoin features two consensus algorithms resulting in a significantly stronger decentralized network, and all transaction fees are destroyed in order to counter inflation and maintain value. The network also allows for the creation of smart contracts and assets, enabling users to form their own communities and services.

Q: How does Pandacoin encourage spending and use of the currency? A: Pandacoin can be sent and received with only a username required, thanks to the use of the Pandacoin network and APIs of various social platforms. The low barriers for entry into the Pandacoin network and use as a currency aim to make it easy for people to use as a digital currency for day-to-day transactions.

Q: Can developers contribute to the Pandacoin network? A: Yes, developers can contribute by creating their own services and frameworks on top of the Pandacoin network, allowing for decentralization and diversity of services offered.

Q: Who can use Pandacoin? A: Anyone can use Pandacoin, as it is open to a worldwide demographic and does not require personal information to be shared with any central authority. The low barriers for entry and ease of use make it accessible to a wide range of people and communities.

Q: Is Pandacoin secure? A: The two consensus algorithms used by Pandacoin result in a significantly stronger decentralized network, providing increased security compared to other cryptocurrencies. The destruction of all transaction fees also helps to maintain the value of the currency.

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